SME Support
As an sme a lot of your time is taken up keeping the business going and when you have the time, finding new ways of growing the business. While large companies have all the resources at hand smeís are expected to be experts in everything and those who spend time learning new skills will tell you taking your eye off the ball and learning new skills can detract from the core business and leave you over stretched and drag you away from the things you are good at In the same way that you have an accountant to look after the bits that you donít have time to do, i can offer you a range of it services designed to support your business leaving you free to focus on the core business.
Based locally in lanarkshire we donít keep 9 to 5 office hours preferring to provide the flexibility to work around your business and offering you the freedom to cherry pick what you need when you need it with a range of services from general advice, staff training, hardware supply and repairs and affordable bespoke software designed specifically to meet the needs of your business.
If you currently have systems in place we will, at no cost, review your systems and make recommendations to make them more efficient saving time and money.